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We are PWXR -formerly known as Pillow’s Willow VR studios-, an award winning VR/AR studio that specializes in Active Esports games and applications.

Our mission is to stimulate people to exercise more by playing Active Esports in a non-violent environment.

Active Esports Arena Logo Active Esports Arena

In the PWXR Active Esports Arenas virtual reality becomes reality, as your total body is ‘transferred’ -without noticeable latency- into the virtual universe. You enjoy full freedom of movement.

This allows you, your teammate and your competitors to enjoy the most active game experience ever.

Active Esports Arenas combine the best of sports and gaming, and one can do it at its own pace.

AEA Droid

The Active Esports app stimulates its players to exercise and collaborate, either indoor or outdoor, just using ones mobile phone or tablet.

Practice and improve, get motivated by leaderboards, challenge friends and above all enjoy!

Soon more…

PWXR (formerly known as Pillow’s Willow VR studios) is proud creator of Spark of Light

Visiting Address

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